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Sittah Koene - Angels Inc.
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Sittah Koene,

Creator of Angels Inc.

Sittah Koene, World Champion Illusionist, started her career of Magic in 1989 with illusionist Hans Klok. They performed together as a successful duo for more than ten years, travelled arround the world and won a lot of titles. They ended up together with their own theatre show. In 2003 Sittah started her own Magic show, an idea of Rene Ros. Frank Wentink gave her the opportunity to create the show and performing it on the biggest stage within the Netherlands, the successful ‘Dinnershow 21 on air’ in Hilversum.

In 2006 Sittah won the title as ‘The First Female World Champion Illusionist’ at the official FISM Organisation in Stockholm. She was seen on the popular TV show ‘Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde’, ‘Stars in der Manege’, she was the mysterious guest ‘She Mask’ at the Uri Geller TV show and in 2016 she had her debut on the American TV show: ‘Masters of Illusions’. Within her titles she also won ‘The best Theme Park Show Award’ for her show ‘Vampires’.

“My passion is to give young talent a chance.. Just feel the Magic, believe it, tell a story.. That is what creates magic.”

In 2011 Sittah decided to create a new group of magic, named The Angels, and share her magical talents with. These five women were immediately successful and started performing internationally in Monaco, France, China, Germany and many more countries. After this success Sittah created ‘The Devils’, a group of magic with five strong men.


She has now brought together her best product: The revival of The Angels named:


‘Angels Inc.’


These 5 classy, trendy, power women are full of fierceness and Magic. They started their career by winning the battle on the Dutch TV show ‘Circus Gerschtanowitz’. After that they performed at the TV show ‘Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde’ in France, ‘The Winter Trial’ in Austria, ‘Masters of Magic’ in Italy and many more. The revival is a fact!