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Carey Moonen was born on the 3rd of July in Kerkrade, the Netherlands. She grew up in Landgraaf, together with her 2 brothers and loving parents.

At the age of 4 she started dancing,  which turned out to be her greatest passion.
After graduating from high school in the south of the Netherlands in September 2010, she left her hometown to move to Tilburg, where she started to study at the Fontys Dance Academy. After 4 years, she graduated in the Jazz/Urban major.

During her final internship, Carey left Tilburg for 5 months to work together with Sittah Koene in Stuttgart, Germany. This was the first time Carey worked together with Sittah. After graduating in July 2014, Carey continued working with Sittah.
Together they worked on several projects, such as Master of Illusion (United States), Le plus Cabaret du Monde (France) and Masters of Magic (Italy).

In addition to working with Sittah, Carey has worked on many more projects. Carey worked for Project 79 (Bibione, Italy), where she worked as animator and dancer for 6 months in total (divided over 2 summers). Furthermore, Carey teaches in dance as well.
From of 2014, she has worked for several amateur dance schools, and continues to do so.

Next to educating in dance, Carey also focuses on educating in Math.
In September 2016, she started a new education to eventually become a high school Math teacher. One year after starting her education, Sittah contacted Carey to ask whether she would like to be an Angel next to her math education. Carey didn’t have to think about this for long and since then she fulfils her role as an Angel with much pleasure.